Double Glazed units

Double Glazing your home or property can give you these several benefits.

  • Reduction of the heat lost is the main benefit; better insulation reduces cold in your home, reduces heating costs.
  • It is more environmentally friendly, reduces CO2 in the environment from unnecessarily putting gas central heating, electric radiators, coal fires or log burners on.
  • Reduce condensation; which in turn reduces the chances of damp and mould.
  • Can increase the value and the sale-ability of your home.
  • Reduces external noise levels, especially if you live on a busy main road or near noisy bars/pubs.
  • Added security; the extra layer of glass acts as a deterrent to intruders.

Double Glazed Units can be manufactured to your specifications using all types of clear, patterned or leaded glass for the external pane and utilising low E  glass (if required) for the internal pane. Low E glass,

Available gauges are 14 to 28mm in steps of 2mm (thicker units are available but may incur extra cost).

In addition we can offer argon gas filling and planitherm to further increase the thermal insulation of the unit as well as a Warm Edge Spacer Bar divides the panes of glass apart and insulates the edges of the sealed unit, to reduce the amount of heat loss.

Spacer bar colours come in silver, bronze, warm edge spacer (black) and gold.

We also stock butyl glazing compound, U9 silicone sealant and flexi strip butyl glazing tape as well as all you will need in the way of pins and spacers.