Gallery of works

Splash Backs
We have over 300 colours to choose from for our splash backs.
Bathroom Mirror
We supply and fit made to measure mirrors, to fit any space or shape.
Window Glass
We supply and fit window glass above front doors. We added a vinyl sticker to show the house number.
Glass Furniture
We created and fitted a new pair of table legs to repair this 10mm glass table. To do this, we UV bonded the glass, to make it look as good as new.
Sneeze Guards
We supply custom sneeze guards to fit any space. We can also add cut outs, such as pigeon holes. We use 6mm toughened glass with Bohle’s Vetro screen stands.
Double Glazed Units
We supply and fit double glazed units to replace bowed, cracked or broken double glazed units.
Greenhouse Glass
We supply and fit greenhouse glass, which comes in three different sizes, and can be made to fit the size of your greenhouse. We also supply greenhouse clips, as well as nuts and bolts, and many more greenhouse accessories.
Table Tops
We create bespoke table tops for furniture. We created this table top for a tree table, using toughened glass, which was cut to a template.
Glass Canopy
We supplied and fitted a glass canopy to the outside of a house. We used laminated glass, which is shatter-proof and protects from the weather.
Glass Cabinet
We supplied and fitted this glass counter cover for a café.
Stick On Lead
Stick on lead, giving a traditional design for an internal window.
Made To Fit Mirrors
4mm Mirror, with safe edges, supplied and fitted upon a landing wall using safety backing and mirror adhesive.
Bevelled Glass
6mm Bevelled glass, with a smooth polished edge to fit into a bezel used for a barometer.