Greenhouse Glass

Standard greenhouse sheets, are always readily available in stock. Please see the table below with the standard measurements of greenhouse glass, along with the prices.

When you buy the glass from us, we will cut the glass to your desired size for Free. This is cut within minutes whilst you wait.

It is possible to toughen the greenhouse glass if you wish,  this makes the greenhouse glass stronger and safer should it break, as it shatters into tiny pieces, toughened glass usually takes 5-7 working days to process.

We can also arris the edges of the glass to make it safer when handling the glass.

Please note when purchasing Greenhouse glass, we do not wrap or package Greenhouse glass, this is due to safety reasons and to reduce waste.

We strongly advise customers to bring safety gloves and either a towel/blanket/ sheet to protect the glass, yourself and your car seats.

The standard sizes we stock are:

610mm x 457mm

24” x 18”



610 x 610mm

24” x 24”

2ft x 2ft



730mm x 1422mm

28” ¾ x 56”


All prices are subject to change and may not reflect the price in store. Please call to check availability and cost.