Double Glazing


Double Glazing your home or property can have several benefits. Reduction of the heat lost through windows is perhaps the most widely appreciated. However, double glazing can also reduce condensation and external noise as well as helping to save the planet (see box). Also, the extra layer of glass is a welcome deterrent to would be intruders.

In addition to Sealed Double Glazed Units (manufactured to BS 5713: 1979) we supply two secondary glazing systems. These are the Easyfix and Superglaze products. The full range of options is detailed below:

Double Glazed Units can be manufactured to your specifications using all types of clear, patterned or leaded glass for the external pane and utilising low e glass (if required) for the internal pane. Available gauges are 14 to 28mm in steps of 2mm (thicker units are available but may incur extra cost). In addition we can offer argon gas filling to further increase the thermal insulation of the unit.
We also stock butyl glazing compound, U9 silicone sealant and flexistrip butyl glazing tape as well as all you will need in the way of pins and spacers.


Secondary Double Glazing systems, while not being as neat as sealed units and not being acceptable under the latest building regulations for new windows, do have some advantages. The larger air-gap usually formed by secondary systems can be a more effective insulation and is particularly good at reducing noise transmission. Also, the option to take the system down for a spring clean means you do not have the worry of a seal failing. The two systems we stock are:


Easyfix. A flexible U channel fits over the edge of the 4mm glass and is fixed to the frame by means of small turnbuttons secured by screws.
Available in white or brown this system has the advantage of being easily taken down (just slacken the turnbuttons and lift the panel out).

Superglaze. A rigid plastic section surrounds the 4mm glass. This is secured to the frame by means of screws which are hidden by a press-fit cover strip.
Available in white and brown this system is less easy to take down than Easyfix but is neater in appearance.

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