We are able to offer the following treatments to the edges and body of the glass:

Edge Processing

    Arrissing. De-burring the glass to make it safe to touch.

    Polishing. Grinding and polishing the edge to give a smooth and attractive appearance.

Drilling. We have a wide range of diamond core drill bits ranging from 3mm diameter to 38mm diameter.

Finger Grooves. We can grind finger grooves or notches into the glass as used on some sliding doors.

Surface Processing

    Sandblasting. The glass can be blasted to give a matt-satin appearance with a high degree of obscurity.

    Etching. Individual designs or text can be etched into the glass.

    Safety Backing. We can apply a nylon reinforced plastic backing to mirror glass to make it comply with BS 6206 class A safety classification.

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